About Silver Rose

Silver Rose is an employee engagement thought leader who infuses ENERGY into organizations and teams with strategies for:

(1) re-energizing employees;

(2) increasing profitability; and

(3) freeing leadership from the necessity of micro-managing results.

Management positions included Manager of Sales Database, Manager of Marketing Intelligence and Vice President of Sales & Marketing where she grew sales by 250%.

Since 1997, Silver has been a professional speaker, heading her own Management Consulting and Executive Coaching practice.

Silver has worked with an impressive list of both public and private sector organizations across the country and started writing an online column long before they were called blogs.

She has four published books including her most recent, The (Incredibly Useful) Book of Delegation and her favorite, Change Your Focus; Change Your Outlook. However, her proudest achievement is having successfully raised her two “at-risk” daughters whom she adopted from Foster Care at the ages of 12 and 15.


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